Tiffini Hughes

I was in charge of my step-dad’s medical and financial well-being for over 10 years. I had to become the child-parent. When my step-dad was told he needed care on a 24-hour basis, my world seemed so upside down. I had just had my first child and I thought how could this happen now. The doctors said my step-dad would only live for a few months – maybe a year. I had to step in as an adult child and take charge and be there for the man who raised me.

I cleaned out his apartment of 40 years and moved everything into storage. My job as child-parent was only to give him the best care and make sure he was going to see his second grandchild. There were no exceptions in my eyes. As I met with doctors, facilities from the state and private pay assisted care facilities, it was clear he was coming home with me for his final recovery. I moved him from Torrance Memorial rehab center to my home in Santa Clarita and employed caregivers on daily basis. I prayed I must find the right place for my dad.

As my relationship with the facility and its caregivers grew, I felt really good about making this place my dad’s home. My step-dad moved in and loved his new home! My kids really enjoy visiting their Papa Jimmy.

When this large storm first hit our family, I could not imagine a calming was ever coming our way. Papa Jimmy lived 9 years longer than what the doctors predicted and I feel really blessed that I could provide excellent care for him.

I want Mulberry Place to be the calming point in your family’s life. Mulberry Place is the place for the families of our residents; a place for the grandkids to come and visit. This is my dream for the families of Tehachapi.

Blessings come in many ways and I know my kids’ “Papa Jimmy” would have loved Mulberry Place. I invite you and your families to tour our facility, meet our caregivers, and have lunch with our residents. See what our residents have to say!

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