Dione Becker

Dione has been co-owner of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu La Jolla for twenty-three years, where she has dedicated herself to empowering women, teen girls, and children by teaching self-defense. She was also on the advisory board for La Jolla Safety.org. She has been instrumental in organizing charity events and fundraising for Heels2Heal.org, raising significant funds for Miracle Babies and the San Diego Youth Foundation. In addition, Dione has served as a Thought Leader for Parenting2.0.org, and as a Guest Speaker in Global Parenting Conferences. She has also contributed to Inner Peace Parenting Magazine and co-founded the Global Presence Humanitarian Group. Dione's extensive experience in branding, marketing, social media, innovation, and website design has made her an expert in the Entertainment Industry, Beauty Industry, and Startups. Dione is also a proud mother of a seventeen-year-old daughter and has been an active soccer mom and team manager with her daughter’s competitive team for 10 years.

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