Alla Kesser Gross

Etiquette, Style, and International Protocol

Bridging the worlds of personal and professional development, Alla is a Certified Trainer in manners and etiquette renowned for delivering teens and organizations what they value the most: next-level guidance that leads to next-level success. As the Founder of LLUXXALL LLC School Of Etiquette and Manners, Alla brings with her an extensive 10+ year background involving full-scale business and branding accentuation, proper etiquette training, and the art of cultivating healthy/style-aligned workplace cultures that are as positive as they are productive. Even more, enjoys not just positioning businesses and their images for reputable success, but doing so all while ensuring younger generations feel confident as they propel forward as both socially developed individuals and thought-leading professionals.

Originally from Ukraine and currently based in San Diego with her family, Alla is a professional who discovered early on the innate value of education, human psychology, and the power of inspiring meaningful progressions both on paper and within the mind. Part of this stems from her early experiences involving etiquette and manners while studying as a pianist at a world-famous music school for gifted children, and part from noticing the prevalent gaps in such practices as a mother raising three sons. With this as her base, Alla has since become the very etiquette and manners resource she sought. This came after building a large inventory of successes as a Special Education Teacher, Music Therapist, and a former NY Journalist covering music and fashion. Today, Alla is a distinguished trainer and entrepreneur devoting her initiatives to breaking down the complexities of caring for the personal and professional self. In addition, proving that anyone can achieve reputable style and trajectory excellence with the proper mindset, training guidance, and the right levels of foundational encouragement.

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Getting Your Cool On: A Teen's Guide to Tackling Social Events
with Swag

Having a healthy mind doesn't just mean dealing with depression or anxiety in a therapist’s view. It's a lot more. Think of your mental health as a G-5 network of multiple streams of connectivity where many different things impact your feelings. One of those factors is how we hang and chill with our friends and families. Out of all the tips and tricks to handle social stress, one golden oldie often gets overlooked from our playlist: etiquette.

First off, let's clear the air. Etiquette isn't a fancy French word for some stuffy list of rules. It's an excellent behavioral code that's all about respect and thoughtfulness. It brings some much needed order and predictability to the wild party we call 'socializing.' If you find social events nerve-wracking, etiquette can be your secret weapon.

The first remarkable thing about etiquette is that it's like a GPS for social conduct, navigating your way through situations that can crush your stress levels. It guides you on many levels: introducing yourself, starting chit-chat, dodging dicey topics, and even making a smooth exit from an uncomfortable conversation. Getting the hang of etiquette means less worrying about messing up, so you can chill and enjoy the event.

The second cool part is that mastering these social norms can pump up your confidence big time. It’ll be like having your own toolkit so you can plow through the social landscape easily. Say goodbye to those awkward moments and hello to a more relaxed you.

Now, if you're the introverted type and you often find yourself breaking out in a sweat at dinners or parties, here are some killer tips for using etiquette to reduce your stress levels:

1. Be a Scout, be prepared: Get to know the basic etiquette for the event you're attending. For a formal dinner, dial up on your table manners, dining etiquette, and dinner talk.

2. Get Your Chat Game On: Small talk is part of any social gig. Make a list of safe and fun topics for conversation. Practice how you'll introduce yourself and keep a conversation rolling.

3. Set Your Limits: Etiquette isn't about making others happy at your expense. If you're uncomfortable it’s perfectly fine to step away from a conversation or situation politely.

4. Stay in the Moment: If you're feeling swamped, pause for a moment to focus on your surroundings. Take a deep breath, enjoy your food, and listen to the music. This can help ground you in the present and ease your nerves.

5. Have a Wingman/Wingwoman: Share your feelings with a trusted friend who will be at the event. Having a supportive friend around can be a source of comfort and relief.

And remember, being an introvert is awesome. Don't feel pressured to fit into the extrovert shaped mold that society pushes. Sometimes, we end up in situations where we’re looking for an emergency escape route. But with etiquette in your arsenal, you can sail through them with grace and style, boosting your mental health and personal growth in the process.