Johanna Silva
Business Coach at
Author: Rise Above the Ordinary

Awarded Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2020-21-22

Johanna is an entrepreneur and visionary. She obtained her MBA in 2004 with 20 years of business development experience. She realized the corporate environment wasn’t for her, even though she was sales team trainer and business development leader her corporate job wasn’t her cup of tea. She realized there is more to discover she heard her inner voice – that how she had learned about entrepreneurship. She had no mentors when she started her journey, she had experienced adversity when she left the corporate world, she had some first-hand experience that she had to learn and overcome. She now understands the key principles of success- that she now shares with you, that’s how she has started 3 very successful businesses, featured in Media, Podcast interviews. She passionate about giving back she mentors young women help them find their bliss – she’s determined to help you reach your full potential.

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