Erica Rood

Inspire Balance Coaching

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been drawn to working with young people. In college, I volunteered at youth shelters and worked as a nanny before getting a job at a local preschool. I was intrigued with child development and developed a love of teaching.

After earning my teaching credential, I ventured to London for my first teaching job. After two years, I returned to San Diego and started my career in Del Mar. During my years in the classroom, girls would often confide in me, sharing their struggles with self-esteem, body image, friendships, family dynamics, and school. They were afraid to turn to their parents for fear of being misunderstood and didn’t want to turn to their friends for fear of being gossiped about. They felt alone and unsure. I understood; I felt the same during my teen years. Knowing how different my path would have been if I had extra support, I felt the drive to do more. I discovered a passion for helping girls understand themselves and feel confident in handling the unique challenges of adolescence.

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